Be vigilant about hypokalemia

Hypokalemia, also known as potassium deficiency, is one of the most common water-electrolyte imbalances in humans. Despite this, many of us are unaware of the symptoms and warning signs of potassium deficiency. Part of this is because mild hypokalemia tend to not produce any pronounced symptoms or just produce vague symptoms that are easy to mistake for something else.

By learning more about the symptoms of hypokalemia, we can be more observant and take steps to prevent and mitigate hypokalemia before it turns into a serious problem that requires a trip to the emergency room.

Important: For us to remain healthy, a proper balance between potassium and sodium must be maintained in the body.

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iron rich food

Am I getting enough iron?

Iron deficiency is one of the most commonly occurring nutritional deficiencies in humans, and unlike many other nutritional deficiencies it is actually quite common even in people in developed countries. You don’t have to be starving or on a strict vegan diet to develop an iron deficiency; it can happen to almost any of us since there are so many factors that impact not just the iron content in our diet but also our ability to absorb that iron. Continue reading “Am I getting enough iron?”


What happens when you stop smoking cigarettes?

We all know that smoking cigarettes takes a toll on the body and is linked to various health issues. But do you know that your body can repair many of these injuries surprisingly quickly if you just stop smoking?

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